How To Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

If you wish to install laminate flooring on your stairs, you'll need to do lots of research to find the information you need to do this correctly. Installing laminate flooring on stairs could be tedious and time-intensive and is different compared to installing laminate flooring on the floor

Step 1 Remove Carpet and Tack strip

Most often you'll have carpet in your stairs, and you have to remove this first. It might have tack strip and lots of staples. Be cautious, pulling the actual rug off since the staples are incredibly sharp. It is better to wear mitts. Use the hammer as well as a pry bar to get rid of the tack strip.

Step 2 Remove the Overhang if Needed

For those who have a more than hang, you can either take it off or complete the room under it to install the laminate flooring. When buying your laminate flooring, you will have to purchase step nose mouldings also to have overhang using the laminate. There are some different methods to cut the actual overhang from the stair. Using saws like a Sawzall, Skilsaw, or perhaps a jigsaw can function.

Step 3 Cutting Laminate Stair Treads

Generally, one laminate plank won't cover the entire thread. It is best to reduce two planks precisely the same size to suit the tread instead of using a whole plank along with a small remove. The other aspect to consider is, the sides of the staircase might be at a slight angle. If this is the case, the actual tread will have to be cut only at that angle, so you do not have unsightly spaces. When reducing the laminate threads obtaining the exact measurement over the width from the stair is essential.

Step 4 Cutting The Stair Risers

Reducing the risers tend to be like lowering the treads; the difference may be the riser is vertical. In case a whitened painted riser has been installed. You may also use the same flooring for that riser while you use for that tread. The riser might not be square towards the wall on the sides so you may want to cut them at a slight angle to suit even using the hands. You should use an easy angle locator and move the corner towards the riser. After reducing the riser to suit sideways, you will have to scribe the surface of the riser, so it's flush using the cover the brand new tread is installed.

Step 5 Cutting the Stair Nose

Cutting the actual Laminate stair nose is simply an issue of reducing it to suit snug upon each finish, and reduce the ends to follow along with the angle from the wall if needed. As shown in the photo, you can observe how the actual stair nose must rest on the riser that ought to reduce flush using the surface.

Step 6 Attaching all of the Stair Components

I use wood glue on the treads having a notched trowel. Don't glue entirely to the leading edge as this is where the actual stair nose is going to be attached having a different kind of glue.

I use a durable construction adhesive to glue the actual stair nasal area. I additionally nail to the stair nose 3 or 4 nails throughout, not too near to the edges. Make use of a matching putty to complete the toenail holes — results in a pleasant-looking step.


While you cut each a part of a step, mark the original part and also the stair it will likely is attached to use the nail gun upon and nail wheresoever possible therefore the nails tend to hide.

It is best to toenail and glue the actual stair nasal area to ensure it's secure.

Taking your time and effort will give a person better outcomes.

Always make use of proper safety when working power resources






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