What Hardwood Floor is Best For Dogs?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

A common question is always would my dog scratch my hardwood floor?

There are a couple of variables to answer that question; Typically, your bigger dogs are going to be the dogs to scratch the floor. If you have a smaller dog, perhaps a little Jack Russell or something that's 14 to 20 pounds, they are not going to scratch the floor. If you have a bigger dog like a lab that's active and runs in the house, then you are going to have more chances of the dog scratching the floor. but a dog merely walking on the floor, the basement won't scratch, the finish won't scratch, it's usually excitement in the dog, running in the house that you'll see the damage and wear and tear on the floor

The other question is which hardwood floor is most durable?

Regular walnut hardwood or cherry hardwood floor is going to scratch easily with a dog vs a Brazilian cherry or Brazilian walnut. That you know, are extremely hard so they're going to withstand the nails a lot more.

A friend with three large Huskies and oak floor said that we know our dogs scratch the storey, but because of the lighting in our house we don't see it as much and there's a lot of texture and grain in the basement, So a lot of it is disguised. That's the reason a lot of people purchase hand-scraped hardwood is that they're pre beat up and pre rubbed so that your dog and what it does to the floor, doesn't stand out as much So keep in mind the size of your dog, the quality of floor finish

Last, but not laset, how do I deal with hardwood floor scratch repair?

It's highly recommended to use a scratch repair kit to avoid the hefty expense of refinishing your solid wood flooring.





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